Science Experiments---Bouyancy, Density and All Natural Play Clay

09/29/2009 21:27
Today, the students conducted experiments to test for bouyancy and density.  To do this, they combined oil, honey and water into a container.  They learned that when items are dense, they sink and when they are less dense they float.  We tested for bouyancy by placing various objects...


Visitors notice

09/24/2009 06:08
We value your thoughts and opinions.  Please provide feedback whenever you visit this site.  Let us know if there was something that you liked/disliked.  Thanks in advance, Anjanae        


Website launched!

09/24/2009 06:07
Our new website has been launched today! To inform others about homeschooling and to share information with those who have considered homeschooling, this website is for you!  This website will benefit you by understanding some homeschooling basics and it will give you ideas on how to spice up...