Celebrating Fall!

10/29/2009 17:22

The students are celebrating Fall by creating leaf rubbings and cooking homemade pumpkin pie.  Before cutting the pumpkin, they guessed what was inside the pumpin.  Once open, the students examined the contents and estimated how many seeds were inside.  The first guesses ranged from 50-100 seeds.  We were ALL surprised to learn that our little pumkin yielded 357 seeds!  After those activities, the students scraped out the stringy insides so that they could bake the pumpkin.  After baking the pumpkin, we allowed to it sit overnight so that it could loose some of its' moisture and the following day, we scraped out the flesh, mixed it with pumpkin pie spices, milk, sugar and eggs and baked it.  The result:  a delicious homemade pumpkin pie from scratch!l