Life on the Moon?

11/20/2009 10:59

With the recent discovery of water on the moon (about 20 gallons), the children were questioned what do they think it would be like to live on the moon and whether or not they'd be interested in living there.  In response, Qawiyya, 8 years old, stated, "It would be very cold, but I'd like it! I'd be interested because there are less people and if there are less people, there would be more space for me to live there."  Ayana, age 4, replied, "Yes, because I can jump off the moon to the ground" and Naabiah, age 3, said, "Yes, because I want to do ballet on the moon and jump off the moon  and roll and roll and roll over in the grass!"  So we ask, would YOU be interested in living on the moon?  To find out more information on the moon, you can visit and/or