Traveling to Egypt/Kemet!

02/02/2010 17:06

The students have begun to learn about North East Africa and Asia and will begin an in-depth study of Egyptian gods and goddesses beginning with Amun, Re (the sun god), Horus (the son of the sun god) and Isis and Osiris (who tended the dead).  They will compare and contrast Egypian gods and goddesses against what they know about Greek gods and goddesses.  So far, they have discovered how powerful the pharoahs were and instead of having a separation of church and state, the pharoah guided over religious matters, judicial matters and also served as the commander in chief!  Some were even recognized as a god!!!  In addition to focusing on myths about gods and goddesses,  our "Books of the Month" will also focus on queens and kings of Egypt, such as Queen Hatsepshut and King Tut.  The study of Egypt will prove to be both fascinating and fun!!!