Veterans' Day/Did You Know?

11/04/2009 18:56

November 11 marks a very important day for many.  In addition to it being Veterans' Day, it is Qawiyya's birthday!  November 11 marks the anniversary of the end of World War I.  Did you know that World War I is the only major U.S. war of the 20th century that does not have a national memorial in D.C. that honors all soldiers who fought in that war?  108-year-old, Frank Woodruff Buckles, is the country's only living WWI veteran and he is 'fighting' to have a memorial built in honor of ALL soldiers who served in that war.  The students were given an option to write a letter to the President stating why they think a WWI memorial should be built.  What will you do this Veterans' Day,  (Nov. 11) to honor a soldier?

Source:  Weekly Reader, "Army of One", Senior Edition, Nov. 6, 2009